Arnoldo Mondadori Editore
H. P. Lovecraft. Tutti i racconti. 1931-1936
"The Challenge from Beyond"
Edizioni Agpha Press
Il vento delle stelle. Storie in versi e no
"With a Set of Rattlesnake Rattles"
"The Beast from the Abyss"



"The Fire of Asshurbanipal" (1) (Part 1 of 2)
James Van Hise
The Road to Velitrium #24
"The Devils of Dark Lake"

 Mardus  "The Fire of Asshurbanipal" (1) (Part 2 of 2)

Carroll & Graf
Horror: 100 Best Books
"Something About Eve"

Dennis McHaney  The Howard Review #11 "Thoroughbreds"
"Lives and Crimes of Notable Artists"


Arkham House
Lovecraft Remembered
To Weird Tales, ca. April 1928, "Mr. Lovecraft’s latest story . . ."
J. M. Meulenhoff
De weg naar Nirwana
"Shadows in Zamboula"

Claude Lefrancq Editeur
"The Tower of the Elephant"
"The Hall of the Dead"
"The God in the Bowl"
"Rogues in the House"
"The Hand of Nergal"
"The Bloodstained God"
"The Frost-Giant’s Daughter"
"Queen of the Black Coast"
"The Vale of Lost Women"
"The Snout in the Dark"
"Hawks Over Shem"
"Black Colossus"
"Shadows in the Moonlight"
"The Road of the Eagles"
"A Witch Shall Be Born"
"Shadows in Zamboula"
"The Devil in Iron"
"The Flame-Knife"
Dennis McHaney
Robert E. Howard in The Eyrie

Mycroft & Moran
In Lovecraft's Shadow
"The House in the Oaks"

Donald Grant
One Who Walks Alone
(Third printing)
"To a Woman" (2, poem)
"One Who Comes At Eventide" (poem)
Letter to Novalyne Price, September 27, 1934,
"How about going to the show . . ."

Letter to Novalyne Price, ca. December 1934,
"Like my meal-ticket, Conan the Cimmerian . . ."

Letter to Novalyne Price, June 19, 1935,
"The weather is good . . ."

Letter to Novalyne Price, June 19, 1935,
"Dear Novalyne . . . cordially . . ."

Letter to Novalyne Price, July 4, 1935,
"I take my typewriter . . ."

Letter to Novalyne Price, July 8, 1935,
"Thank you for your invitation to call . . ."

Letter to Novalyne Price, February 14, 1936,
"I heard yesterday you had . . ."

Letter to Novalyne Price, February 15, 1936,
"I’m sorry but I won’t be able . . ."

Letter to Novalyne Price, March 5, 1936,
"I just now read the letter . . ."

Letter to Novalyne Price, May 27, 1936,
"You needn’t have bothered . . ."


Бард (Bard)
Конан Скитника (Konan Skitnika)
"Shadows in Zamboula"
"The Devil in Iron"
"The Flame Knife"
Бард (Bard)
Конан Узурпаторът (Konan Uzurpatorăt)
"The Treasure of Tranicos"
"Wolves Beyond the Border"
"The Phoenix on the Sword"
"The Scarlet Citadel"
Бард (Bard)
Конан Завоевателя (Konan Zavoevatelya)
"Conan the Conqueror"
Cherubion Könyvkiadó
Az Alkony Királyai
"The Hall of the Dead"
"The Hand of Nergal"
Cherubion Könyvkiadó
Ne Assatok Nekem Sirt
"The Footfalls Within"
"The Black Stone"
"The Thing on the Roof"
"Wings in the Night"
"Dig Me No Grave"
"Old Garfield's Heart"
"The Children of Asshur"
Hamster Press
Fandom's Finest Comics Volume 2
"Gods of the North" (graphic adaptation)
Клинок судьбы (The Blade of Fate)
"Skulls in the Stars"
"The Right Hand of Doom"
"Red Shadows"
"Rattle of Bones"
"The Moon of Skulls"
"Blades of the Brotherhood"
"The Hills of the Dead"
"Wings in the Night"
"The Footfalls Within"
Кровь богов (Blood of the Gods)
"Blood of the Gods"
"The Country of the Knife"
"Son of the White Wolf"
"The Coming of El Borak"
"Khoda Khan's Tale"
"The Iron Terror"
"The Tale of the Rajah's Ring"
"Lal Singh, Oriental Gentleman"
"Spanish Gold on Devil Horse"
"Knife, Bullet, and Noose"
Брат бури (Brother of the Storm)
"The Riot at Cougar Paw"
"Pilgrims to the Pecos"
"Gents on the Rampage"
"The Apache Mountain War"
"Pistol Politics"
"The Conquerin' Hero of the Humbolts"
"A Ringtailed Tornado"
"The Return of Skull-Face"
To Harold Preece, ca. March 1929,
"I’ve been very neglectful of my correspondence . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. April 1929,
"Salaam: / The iron harp that Adam christened life . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. June 1929,
"Salaam: / I received an announcement from Chicago . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. July 1929,
"Salaam: / The main reason I’m writing this letter is . . ."

To Harold Preece, ca. September 1929,
"I’ve been reading DESTINY BAY and in . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. late December 1929,
"Well: / Here I am doing business at the old stand . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. January 1930,
"Many thanks for the letter you wrote Farnsworth . . ."

To Harold Preece, ca. February 1930,
"Go manee jeea git. You’re in Kansas now, eh?"

To Weird Tales, ca. March 1930,
"Thirsty Blades is fine . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. March 1930,
"Well, Fear Finn, tell Cuchullain the Dutchess . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. March 1930,
"Well, Fear Finn: / I trust you are in good healthel . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. May 1930,
"Well, Fear Finn, I was in Brownwood yesterday . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. week of June 9, 1930,
"Well, Fear Finn: / The pictures came at last and here they are."

Проклятие океана (Curse of the Ocean)
"Swords of the Red Brotherhood"
"Black Vulmea's Vengeance"
"The Isle of Pirate's Doom"
"Sea Curse"
"Out of the Deep"
"The Voice of El-Lil"
"The Dead Remember"
"Kelly the Conjure-Man"
"The Horror from the Mound"
"Sailor Costigan and the Swami"
"By the Law of the Shark"
"Flying Knuckles"
"Hard-Fisted Sentiment"
"The Honor of the Ship"
Лик смерча (The Face of a Tornado)
"No Cowherders Wanted"
"Mayhem and Taxes"
"Evil Deeds at Red Cougar"
"The Peaceful Pilgrim"
"While Smoke Rolled"
"A Elkins Never Surrenders"
"Circus Fists"
"Vikings of the Gloves"
"Night of Battle"
"The Slugger's Game"
"General Ironfist"
"Sluggers of the Beach"
Врата империи (Gates of Empire)
"Sword Woman"
"Blades for France"
"Mistress of Death"
"The King's Service"
"The Shadow of the Hun"
"Gates of Empire"
"The Track of Bohemund"
"The Sowers of the Thunder"
"The Garden of Fear"
Железный кулак (Iron Fist)
"The Iron Man"
"They Always Come Back"
"Fists of the Desert"
"The Champion of the Forecastle"
"Alleys of Peril"
"The TNT Punch"
"Texas Fists"
"Breed of Battle"
"The Pit of the Serpent"
"The Bull Dog Breed"
"Sailor's Grudge"
"Fist and Fang"
"Winner Take All"
"Waterfront Fists"
Тень ястреба (Shadow Hawk)
"Hawks Over Egypt"
"Gods of the North"
"The Way of the Swords"
"Two Against Tyre"
"The Shadow of the Vulture"
"Nekht Semerkeht"
"The Road of Azrael"
"The Castle of the Devil"
"The Hawk of Basti"
"The Children of Asshur"
"The Heathen"
"The Thessalians"
"Ye College Days"
"Cupid vs. Pollux"
"Musings of a Moron"
"The Beast From the Abyss"
Знак огня (Three-Bladed Doom)
"Three-Bladed Doom"
"The Daughter of Erlik Khan"
"Lost Valley of Iskander"
"The Lion of Tiberius"
Воин снегов (Warrior Snow)
"Genseric's Son"
"Swords of Shahrazar"
To Tevis Clyde Smith, August 24, 1923,
"Bohut Salaam, Clyde sahib: / I was all ready to come over to Brownwood . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, September 9, 1923,
"Clyde sahib: / First off I must apologize for not having . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, July 16, 1925,
"Salaam, sahib: / What ho, milord! / Boy, I hope you’re . . .

To Tevis Clyde Smith, August 26, 1925,
"Salaam: / I’ve been thinking. What is reality and what is . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, August 28, 1925,
"Salaam: / I’ve been thinking. Did you ever stop . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. September 1927,
"Salaam: / Having just got your letter I’ll write now . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. October 1927,
"Salaam: / Seeking cognizance of things looked after . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. January 1928,
"Salaam: / Listen, you crumb, I think you already owe me a letter."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. January 1928,
"I wasn’t lying to you Saturday evening when . . ."

To Tevis Clyde Smith, week of February 20, 1928,
"The fellow who wrote The Kasidah strung . . ."

Wandering Star
Solomon Kane's Homecoming and others

Wilhelm Heyne Verlag
Conan der Abenteurer
"The People of the Black Circle"
"The Slithering Shadow"
"Drums of Tombalku"
"The Pool of the Black One"
Wydawnictwo Amber
Conan i skarb Tranicosa
"The Treasure of Tranicos"
Zagrebačka naklada
"The Hyborian Age" Part 1
"The Tower of the Elephant"
"The Hall of the Dead"
"The God in the Bowl"
"Rogues in the House"
"The Hand of Nergal"