Lovecraft Remembered 
Arkham House
Year : September 1998
Book No. :
ISBN-10: 0-87054-173-0
Arkham House Publication # 195
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : xiv plus 486
Cover art :
Jason C. Eckhardt
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Letter to Weird Tales, ca. April 1928, "Mr. Lovecraft’s latest story . . ."

Non-REH Contents
"Introduction" by Peter Cannon
 I. Neighbors
"His Own Most Fantastic Creation: Howard Phillips Lovecraft" by Winfield Townley Scott
"Miscellaneous Impressions of H.P.L." by Marian F. Bonner
"A Glimpse of H.P.L." by Mary V. Dana
"Lovecraft's Sensitivity" by August Derleth
"Three Hours with H. P. Lovecraft" by Dorothy C. Walter
"The Gentleman from Angell Street" by Muriel Eddy
"Walks with H. P. Lovecraft" by C. M. Eddy, Jr.
"Lovecraft, My Childhood Friend" by Harold W. Munro
II. Amateurs
 "Little Journeys to the Homes of Prominent Amateurs" by Andrew Francis Lockhart
amateur writings by Edith Miniter
amateur writings by George Julian Houtain
"Howard Phillips Lovecraft: The Sage of Providence" by Maurice W. Moe
"A Tribute from the Past" by Ira Cole
"Idiosyncrasies of H.P.L." by E.A. Edkins
"Ave atque Vale!" by Edward H. Cole
"In Memoriam: Howard Phillips Lovecraft: Recollections, Appreciations, Estimates" by W. Paul Cook
"Discourse on H. P. Lovecraft" by Rheinhart Kleiner
"Memories of a Friendship" by Alfred Galpin
"Young Man Lovecraft" by L. Sprague de Camp
III. Kalems
"A Few Memories" by James F. Morton
"Some Random Memories of H.P.L." by Frank Belknap Long
"Bards and Bibliophiles" by Rheinhart Kleiner
"A Memoir of Lovecraft" by Rheinhart Kleiner
"Howard Phillips Lovecraft" by Samuel Loveman
"Lovecraft as a Conversationalist" by Samuel Loveman
"The Normal Lovecraft" by Wilfred B. Talman
"Walkers in the City: George Willard Kirk and Howard Phillips Lovecraft in New York City, 1924-1926" by Mara Kirk Hart
IV. Ladies
"In Memoriam" by Hazel Heald
"Lovecraft as I Knew Him" by Sonia H. Davis
"H. P. Lovecraft: A Pupil's View" by Zealia Bishop
"Memories of Lovecraft: I" by Sonia H. Davis
"Memories of Lovecraft: II" by Helen V. Sully
V. Professionals
letter to Weird Tales by Robert Bloch
letter to Weird Tales by Clark Ashton Smith
"A Tribute to Lovecraft" by Robert W. Lowndes
"The Genius of Lovecraft" by Henry George Weiss (Francis Flagg)
"The Man Who Was Lovecraft" by E. Hoffmann Price
"My Correspondence with Lovecraft" by Fritz Leiber
"Lovecraft in Providence" by Donald Wandrei
"Out of the Ivory Tower" by Robert Bloch
"H.P.L.: A Reminiscence" by H. Warner Munn
"Recollections of H. P. Lovecraft" by Vrest Orton
VI. Fans
"The Barlow Journal" by R.H. Barlow
 "The Wind That Is in the Grass: A Memoir of H. P. Lovecraft in Florida" by R.H. Barlow
"Lovecraft's First Book" by William L. Crawford
"H. P. Lovecraft: The House and the Shadows" by J. Vernon Shea
"Caverns Measureless to Man" by Kenneth Sterling
"Autumn in Providence: Harry K. Brobst on Lovecraft" by Will Murray
VII. Critics
"A Note on Howard P. Lovecraft's Verse" by Rheinhart Kleiner
Variety column by Howard Wolf
Letter to Weird Tales, ca. April 1928, "Mr. Lovecraft’s latest story . . ." by Robert E. Howard
"A Weird Writer Is in Our Midst" by Vrest Orton
"H. P. Lovecraft, Outsider" by August Derleth
 "Lovecraft and Benefit Street" by Dorothy C. Walter
"H. P. Lovecraft: An Appreciation" by T.O. Mabbott
"Lovecraft and Science" by Kenneth Sterling
"H. P. Lovecraft" by Vincent Starrett
"The Lovecraft Legend" by Vincent Starrett
"A Parenthesis on Lovecraft as Poet" by Winfield Townley Scott
"The Lord of R'lyeh" by Matthew H. Overlook
"Charon—In Reverse; Or, H. P. Lovecraft Versus the 'Realists' of Fantasy" by Matthew H. Overlook
"A Literary Copernicus", by Fritz Leiber
"H. P. Lovecraft, An Evaluation" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"Through Hyperspace with Brown Jenkin: Lovecraft's Contribution to Speculative Fiction" by Fritz Leiber
"Epilogue: Lovecraft and Poe" by Frank Belknap Long
Edited by Peter Cannon
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Collection of memoirs, letters, essays and other items.

Lovecraft Remembered
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