The Complete Chronicles of Conan - Centenary Edition
Year :
January 2006
Book No. : 0575077662  (Hardcover)
0575077808  (
Trade paperback)
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover & Trade paperback
Pages : 944
Cover art : Les Edwards
Illustrations : Les Edwards
Two page map of the Hyborian Age by Dave Senior
"The Hyborian Age"
"Cimmeria" (poem)
"The Phoenix on the Sword"
"The Scarlet Citadel"
"The Tower of the Elephant"
"Black Colossus"
"The Slithering Shadow"
"The Pool of the Black One"
"Rogues in the House"
"Shadows in the Moonlight"
"Queen of the Black Coast"
"The Devil in Iron"
"The People of the Black Circle"
"A Witch Shall Be Born"
"Jewels of Gwahlur"
"Beyond the Black River"
"Shadows in Zamboula"
"Red Nails"
"The Hour of the Dragon" (poem)
"The Hour of the Dragon"
"The God in the Bowl"
"The Black Stranger"
"The Frost-Giant's Daughter"
"Drums of Tombalku" (draft)
"The Vale of Lost Women"
"Wolves Beyond the Border" (draft)
"The Snout in the Dark" (draft)
"The Hall of the Dead" (synopsis)
"The Hand of Nergal" (fragment)
Notes on Various Peoples of the Hyborian Age
"Afterword" by Stephen Jones
Two page bibliography
Edited by Stephen Jones
Collects The Conan Chronicles Volume 1 and Volume 2 published by Gollancz/Millennium into one edition.  
The cover is leather-style with Les Edwards' art embossed in gold.  The binding material has the exact feel of leather, but is a synthetic.
Full color frontispiece, full page illustrations, and spot illustrations.
Gollancz is an imprint of the Orion Publishing Company.