The Conan Chronicles Volume 2 - The Hour of the Dragon
Year :
April 2001
Book No. : 1857987470
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback
Pages : 640
Cover art : John Howe
Illustrations : None
   The Conan Chronicles Volume 2
Other editions:
Centenary Edition

Map of The Hyborian Age
"Notes on Various Peoples of the Hyborian Age"
"Red Nails"
"Jewels of Gwahlur"
"Beyond the Black River"
"The Black Stranger"
"Wolves Beyond the Border"
(completed by L Sprague de Camp)

"The Phoenix on the Sword"
"The Scarlet Citadel"
"The Hour of the Dragon" (poem)
"The Hour of the Dragon"
"Cimmeria" (poem)
"Robert E. Howard and Conan: The Final Years"
by Stephen Jones

Fantasy Masterworks Volume 16
The goal of THE CONAN CHRONICLES was to use
all original Howard texts.  However, editor Stephen Jones was put under the gun to get the books done as soon as possible, and ended up using some L. Sprague deCamp texts.

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