Xenophile #18
Nils Hardin
Year :
October 1975
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : 48
Cover art : J. K. Potter
Illustrations : None
        Xenophile #18
Other editions:

To Hugh G. Schonfield, June 15, 1933
("As I promised, in answer to your letter . . .")
To Denis Archer, May 20, 1934
("As you doubtless remember . . .")
Non-REH Contents
Exact contents are unknown.

This is the first appearance of both REH letters.
Edited by Nils Hardin.
There were a total of forty-four issues.
Some of the early numbers measuring 6 X 8½.
Most of the later issues were 8½ X 11.

All issues had many ads for magazines and books. There were articles, checklists, and reproductions of artwork and covers from the pulps throughout all issues.
This issue was dedicated to the First World Fantasy Convention held in Rhode Island Oct. 1975 and dedicated to the memory of HPL.