Witchcraft & Sorcery Volume 1 Number 7
Fantasy Publishing Company
Year :
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st 
Format : Magazine
Pages : 32
Cover art : Bob Maurus and Burge
Illustrations : D. Bruce Berry, Burge, Stephen Fabian, Robert E. Jennings, Jeff Jones, and Tim Kirk.
   Witchcraft & Sorcery Volume 1 Number 7         
Other editions:  None

"Hopes of Dreams" (poem)
Non-REH Content
"From the Coven" by Gerald W. Page (Editorial)
"Thirst" by Gerald W. Page
"Price of a Demon" by Gary Brandner
"Witchways" by R. Edwards Jennings
Department of Pointed Tales
1.  "In the Sorcerer's Garden" by Susan M. Patrick
2.  "Appointment in Samarkand" by Glen Cook
3.  "The Dancing Girl of Isphatam" by Leo Tifton
Editor: Gerald W. Page
Art Director: Jerry Burge
Publisher: William L. Crawford
"Hopes of Dreams" is illustrated by D. Bruce Berry