This is my attempt to create the listing I wish would have been available when I started my Howard collection. While I've found most of this information available in different places, I've yet to find all this info in one place. I decided to create a set of web pages that lists the contents of each book containing Howard stories. I had been building my personal collection using the Marek listing contained in Cromlech #3. While this list is excellent, it doesn't include all appearances of each story. I wanted to know where everything was. 

In 1998, I went to the Howard celebration in Cross Plains where I met several Howard fans and scholars, including Paul Herman. I spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon in riding in Paul's van with Paul, Scotty Henderson and Jack Baum. Jack gave us a tour of the Cross Plains area, sharing personal reminiscences about when he grew up in the area. He also took us to East Caddo Peak atop which he was certain Howard himself had once looked out over the surrounding area. The point of this is that as I talked to these guys (and others), I decided I should do something with the knowledge I had learned collecting Howard's fiction. Thus the book content listings.

Early in 1999, Paul mentioned he had an electronic listing of Howard's fiction, published and unpublished. He asked me to share any info I had on the paperback collections. I have all but a couple of the Howard paperbacks printed in English. Seeing Paul's list, it screamed "WEB PAGE!" to me. With Paul's permission to use his list, I made the decision to get serious about doing a web page containing his list, my book pages, and a story list similiar to Marek's.  After a year of work, slipped between the job and home, this is it. I hope you find it useful. 

Todd A. Woods
April  2000