Weird Tales Volume 51 Number 2 (Whole No.  295) 
Terminus Publishing Company
Year :
Winter 1989/90
Book No. : ISSN: 0898-5073
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (6.5 x  9.38, perfect bound)
Pages : 146
Cover art : Vincent Di Fate
Illustrations : Vincent Di Fate
Weird Tales Volume 51 Number 2    
Other editions:

"The Chant Demoniac(poem)
Non-REH Content
The Eyrie (letter column)
"The Den" by John Gregory Betancourt (editorial)
"Weird Tales Talks With Brian Lumley"
by Stephen Jones

"The Disapproval of Jeremy Cleave" by Brian Lumley
"Magic’s Price" by Larry Walker
"A Doll’s Tale" by John Peyton Cooke
"Iced on Aran" by Brian Lumley
"The Lady of Belec" by Phyllis Ann Karr
"Love Song from the Stars" by Robert Sheckley
"The Demon Cat"by Keith Taylor
"Weirdism" by Jason van Hollander (pictorial)
"Cloonaturk" by Mervyn Wall
"A Sceptic Watches a Witch-Burning"
Ace G. Pilkington (poem)
"Wish Upon a Star" by Anne Goring
"King Yvorian’s Wager" by Darrell Schweitzer
"The Dead Take Care of Their Own" by Valerie King
"No Sharks in the Med" by Brian Lumley
Editors and Publishers: Darrell Schweitzer, John Gregory Betancourt & George H. Scithers
Special Brian Lumley Issue
The 1989-1992 WEIRD TALES were also all released  as hardbacks and limited edition hardbacks.