Weird Tales Volume 33 Number 5 
Weird Tales, New York 
Year : May 1939
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (Pulp Magazine)
Pages : 164
Cover art : Harold De Lay
Illustrations : Virgil Finlay, Harold S. De Lay, Harry Ferman, Andrew Brosnatch, Hugh Rankin

Almuric (Part 1 of 3)
Non-REH Contents
"The Hollow Moon" by Everil Worrell
"The Dark Isle" by Robert Bloch
"Washington Nocturne" by Seabury Quinn
"The Thinking Machine" by J. J. Connington
"The Plumed Serpent" by Howell Calhoun (poem)
"The Dead Host's Welcome" by John Fletcher (poem)
"The Face at Death Corner" by Paul Ernst
"Witch's Hair" by Mearle Prout
"In a Dark Wood" by Marion Doyle (poem)
"The Phantom Island" by Arlton Eadie
"Cross of Fire" by Lester del Rey
"The Watcher at the Door" by Henry Kuttner
"Harbor Whistles" by H. P. Lovecraft (poem)
"Not Both!" by Frances Garfield
"The Dead Soul" by Raoul Lenoir
"Dust" by Edgar Daniel Kramer (poem)
The Eyrie (letter column)
Editor: Farnsworth Wright
Almuric is illustrated by Virgil Finlay.

       Weird Tales Volume 33 Number 5
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