Weird Tales Volume 31 Number 2 
Popular Fiction Publishing Company 
Year : February 1938
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (Pulp Magazine)
Pages : 128
Cover art : Virgil Finlay
Illustrations : Virgil Finlay, Andrew BrosnatchHugh Rankin, James Mooney Jr.

"Haunting Columns" (poem)
Non-REH Content
"Frozen Beauty" by Seabury Quinn
"The Diary of Alonzo Typer"
by William Lumley [with H. P. Lovecraft]

"The Goddess Awakes" by Clifford Ball
"The Strangling Hands" by M. G. Moretti
"World's End" by Henry Kuttner
"The Hairy Ones Shall Dance" (Part 2 of 3)
by Manly Wade Wellman [as Gans T. Field]

"From Beyond" by H. P. Lovecraft
"The Piper from Bhutan" by David Bernard
"The Passing of Van Mitten"
by Claude Farrère translated by Roy Temple House

"The Ghosts at Haddon-le-Gree" by Alfred I. Tooke
"Jumbee" by Henry S. Whitehead
"Ally of Stars" by Irene Wilde (poem)
"Old Cornish Litany" by Virgil Finlay (article)
The Eyrie (letter column)
Editor: Farnsworth Wright
"Fragment" is not illustrated.

  Weird Tales Volume 31 Number 2
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