Weird Tales #3 
Year :
Fall 1981
Book No. : 0890838038
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 320
Cover art : Tom Barber
Illustrations : None
   Weird Tales #3
Other editions:

"The Guardian of the Idol" (Completed by Gerald W. Page)
Non-REH Content
"The Chinese Woman" by Evangeline Walton
"The Messenger" by Steve Rasnic Tem
"To the Nightshade" by Clark Ashton Smith (Poem)
"The Opposite House" by John and Diane Brizzolara
"The Black Guardian" by Carl Jacobi
"The House of the Temple" by Brian Lumley
"The Red Brain" by Donald Wandrei
"The Summons/The Viola"
by Robert A. W. Lowndes (poem)
"Nobody Ever Goes There" by Manly Wade Wellman
"The Summons of Nuguth-Yug"
by Gary Myers and Marc Laidlaw
"The Wind that Tramps the World" by Frank Owen
"The Winfield Heritance by Lin Carter
Edited by Lin Carter
Associate editors: Roy Torgeson and Robert Weinberg
Volume 48 Number 3, Fall 1981
Originally an unfinished 700 word manuscript, with a synopses, this version is completed by Gerald W. Page.