Weird Tales: Seven Decades of Terror
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Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages :
Cover art : Bob Eggleton
Illustrations : None
    Weird Tales: Seven Decades of Terror  
Other editions:
"Sea Curse"
Non-REH Content
by John Betancourt and Robert Weinberg

The 1920s: The Early Years
"The Fireplace" by Henry S. Whitehead
"The Rats in the Walls" by H. P. Lovecraft
"Bells of Oceana" by Arthur J. Burks
"The Eighth Green Man" by G. G. Pendarves
The 1930s: The Golden Age
"The Seed from the Sepulcher"
by Clark Ashton Smith
"The Accursed Isle" Mary E. Counselman
"The Graveyard Rats" by Henry Kuttner
"Lost Paradise" by C. L. Moore
The 1940s: New Voices
"The Hound" by Fritz Leiber
"The Crowd" by Ray Bradbury
"Pacific 421" by August Derleth
"The Dead Man's Hand"
by Manly Wade Wellman
The 1950s: A Quiet Exit
"The Three Pools and the Painted Moon"
by Frank Owen
"The Ring of Bastet" by Seabury Quinn
"Lucy Comes to Stay" by Robert Bloch
"The Rhythm of the Rats" by Eric Frank Russell
The 1970s: The First Revival
"The Dead Smile" by F. Marion Crawford
"Lethal Labels" by Ray Russell
"The Finding of the Graiken"
by William Hope Hodgson
The 1980s: Death and Life Again
"The Dead Man" by Gene Wolf
"The Pit-Yakker" by Brian Lumley
"Save the Children" by Steve Rasnic Tem
"Love Song from the Stars" by Robert Sheckley
The 1990s: A New Golden Age
"Welcomeland" by Ramsey Campbell
"The Lily Garden" by Tanith Lee
"The Pulse of the Machine"
by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
"Turn, Turn, Turn" by Nancy Springer
Selected and edited by John Betancourt and Robert Weinberg