Weirdbook Eleven 
W. Paul Ganley
Year :
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (8.5 x 11, saddle stapled)
Pages : 64 (includes front and back covers)
Cover art : Roy G. Krenkel (front)
Edmund Quinby (back)

Illustrations : Don Penny, Stephen Fabian, Ken Hahn, Broc Sears, A. E. Darmstadt, Gene Day,
A. Arntson-Marein, Way Dong, W. Fraser Sandercombe, J. Salituri, James William Hjort, Jim Garrison, Frank Bambara, Pat Galdonik, A. Squadroni, Judy Fulkerson, Harry O. Morris
"Nocturne" (poem)
Non-REH Content
"Editorial" by W. Paul Ganley
"Zack Phalanx Is Vlad  the Impaler" by Brian Lumley
"Two Rogues" by Charles R. Saunders
"Desert of Ashes" by Joe Wehrle (poem)
"How Four Brought Silence to the City of Storytellers"
by Darrell Schweitzer
"Deadlier at Hearth Than Hunt" by William Scott Home
"The Great Circle" by A. E. Darmstadt (poem)
"Jumbee" by George Wetzel
"Fetch" by H. Warner Munn (poem)
"Zulla" by Basil Wells
"The Lover" by Eddy C. Bertin
"Aaron's Pool" by A. Arthur Griffin (poem)
"Doom" by John Wysocki
"Age" by Joseph Payne Brennan (poem)
"Graveyard Jestering" by James William Hjort
"Crystals of Oblivion" by A. N. Tsvetikov
"The Wandering Jew: Two Fates"
by Sol Kanemann and Bill Tredinnick
"Destiny" by Brian Lumley (poem)
"Yolande's Mother" by Ralph Roberts Hunt
"Cezanne" by Gustav Hasford
"In the Dark and the Light of the Moon"
by S. L. Tannahill
" I Want a Girl" by H. Warner Munn
Edited by W. Paul Ganley

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