Thrilling Mystery Volume 2 Number 1
Beacon Magazines, Inc. 
Year : February 1936
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (Pulp Magazine)
Pages : 132
Cover art : Rafael DeSoto
Illustrations : Unknown

"Graveyard Rats"
Non-REH Contents
"By Subway to Hell" by Arthur Leo Zagat
"Black Demons Dance" by Frank Belknao Long, Jr.
"Death Comes for the Executioner" by Wayne Rogers
"Cats Have Nine Lives" by Heydorn Schleh
"Hell's Half Acre" by Joe Archibald
"The Crimson Pool" by Jack D'Arcy
"Torture Tower" by Mort Weisinger
"The Fiend of Sleepy Hollow" by Ray Cummings

Editor:  Harvey Burns

   Thrilling Mystery Volume 2 Number 1
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