Tales of Weird Menace  
REH Foundation Press
Year :
January 2011
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : xiii plus 473
Cover : Jim & Ruth Keegan
Illustrations : None
Tales of Weird Menace          
Other editions:

"Lines of Succession" by Don Herron  (Introduction)
"The Noseless Horror"
"The Brazen Peacock"
"Black John’s Vengeance"
"Talons in the Dark"
"The Hand of the Black Goddess"
"Sons of Hate"
"Moon of Zambebwei"
"Black Hound of Death"
"The Devils of Dark Lake"
"Guests of the Hoodoo Room"
"Black Wind Blowing"
"The Red Stone"
Untitled ("The night was damp. . .")
"The Ivory Camel"
"Yellow Laughter"
"The Story Thus Far . . ."
"Taverel Manor"
"The Jade God"
"The Return of the Sorcerer"
Untitled Synopsis ("James Norris")
"Spectres in the Dark"
"The Spell of Damballah"
Partial Synopsis ("Sons of Hate")
Untitled Synopsis ("The Devils of Dark Lake")
"The House of Om" (Synopsis)
Edited by Rob Roehm
First printing limited to 150 copies. Subsequent printings of 50 copies each up to a total of 300 copies.
"The Story Thus Far" consists of the short paragraphs that appeared at the start of the second and third portions of “Skull-Face” as it appeared in WEIRD TALES. It is not known if REH wrote these or Farnsworth Wright.