Spoor Anthology #1
Fort Necessity Press
Year : 1974
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Chapbook (8.5 x 11, side stapled)
Pages : 48
Cover art : Jude Fulkerson (Front)
Harry Morris (Back)

Illustrations : Jude Fulkerson, Jim Garrison, James Faulkenberg, and W.H. Stout
Spoor Anthology #1         
Other editions:

"And Beowulf Rides Again" (poem)
"When the Gods Were Kings" (poem)
Non-REH Content
"Memory" by W.P. Ganley
"After Reading The Statement of Randolf Carter"
by S. L. Tannahill
"Feast With a Few Strangers" by E.P. Berglund
"Wander" by Amos Salmonson
"Azathoth" by David E. Schultz
"Coup" by Jason Sharpe
"When Dreams Come True" by Llewellen M. Cabos
"The Hunter Out of Chaos" by Robert E. Weinberg
Both REH poems are first appearances.
Edited by Fred C. Adams.
"And Beowulf Rides Again" is illustrated by James Faulkenberg
"When the Gods Were Kings" is illustrated by Jude Fulkerson