Spectrum Super Special #2
Win-Mill Productions
Year :
June 2004
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (8.5 x 11, perfect bound)
Pages : 104
Cover art : Photograph (Front)
Barry Windsor-Smith (Back)

Illustrations : Gary Gianni, Joseph Michael Linsner, Cary Nord, Mark Schultz, Barry Windsor-Smith, Wally Wood, Frank Frazetta, Ken Kelly, Richard Berry, Val Semeiks, J. Allen St. John, Jeff Jones, Neal Adams
Spectrum Super Special #2       
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The following REH content is from the article
"Robert E. Howard vs The Desert of the Real"
by Charles Hoffman.

"Always Comes Evening" [lines 5-8, 10-12] (poem)
"Song from an Ebony Heart" [lines 5-8] (poem)
"The Guise of Youth" [lines 13-20] (poem)
"Surrender" [lines 3-4] (poem)
"The Sands of Time" [lines 11-12] (poem)
"Love's Young Dream" [lines 21-28] (poem)
excerpt from "The Phoenix on the Sword"
excerpt from "The Hour of the Dragon"
excerpts from "Post Oaks and Sand Roughs"
excerpt from "Xuthal of the Dusk"
excerpts from a letter to Farnsworth Wright
excerpts from three letters to H. P. Lovecraft
(January 1932, May/June 1933, March 6, 1933)
excerpt from a letter to Harold Preece (Oct. 20, 1928)
excerpt from a letter to Wilfred B. Talman (Sept. 1931)
Non-REH Contents
"About this Issue" by Craig Miller [Editorial]
"Kurt Busiek: Conan's Chronicler!" by Craig Miller
"Gary Gianni: Capturing the Primal Barbarian"
by Craig Miller

"Joseph Michael Linsner: Covering Conan"
by Craig Miller

"Cary Nord: Getting Out his Vision of Conan"
by Craig Miller

"Mark Schultz: Capturing the Essence of Robert E. Howard's Conan" by Craig Miller
"Barry Windsor-Smith: Storyteller Extraordinaire!"
by Craig Miller
Conan the Barbarian [Article]
Conan the Destroyer [Article]
Kull the Conqueror [Article]
Red Sonja [Article]
The Whole Wide World [Article]
"Where Milius Got it Wrong" by Charles Hoffman
"Robert E. Howard vs The Desert of the Real"
by Charles Hoffman
Special Theme Issue: Conan in Comics, Books, & Films
Publisher: Craig Miller