"So Far the Poet" and Other Writings  
REH Foundation Press
Year :
December 2010
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade Paperback  (6 x 9 inches)
Hardcover with dust jacket

Pages : xxxviii plus 266
Cover : Photograph of Tevis Clyde Smith
Illustrations : None (photographs inside)
     "So Far the Poet" and Other Writings    
Other editions:

"The Closed Door"
"Night Sky"
"Ballade of Some Howard Heroes"
Background to "Questions"
"John Bourbon"
"Trouble with Tezcatlipoca"
"On an Ancient Shore"
"What Robert Howard Said One Wednesday Night"
Regarding Robert E. Howard
"Adventurer in Pulp"
"A Friend of Long Ago"
"Report on a Writing Man"
"Conversation on the Bridge"
Foreword to "The Shadow of the Hun"
Introduction to "The Grim Land"
"The Magic Name"
New Book Released
Excerpts from "Texas Giant Heads for Silver Screen"
"In Regard to this Book and this Author"
"So Far the Poet . . ."

Edited by Rusty Burke and Rob Roehm
Cover design by Jim Keegan
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"Tevis Clyde Smith, Jr." by Rusty Burke (Introduction)
REH Content
"Under the Great Tiger" (with Tevis Clyde Smith)
"Diogenes of Today" (with Tevis Clyde Smith)
"Red Blades of Black Cathay" (with Tevis Clyde Smith)
"Eighttoes Makes a Play" (with Tevis Clyde Smith)
"The Devil's Woodchopper" (completed by Tevis Clyde Smith)
Letter to Tevis Clyde Smith, circa March 1931
"Fear Finn: I don't have to tell you . . ."

Letter to Tevis Clyde Smith, circa March 1931
"Well, Fear Finn: Heigho for sunny San Antonio."

Tevis Clyde Smith Content
The Golden Years: 1923 - 1932
Author's Preface: "How the Stories Came to Be"
"Lure of the North"
"The Last Up"
"Mystery of the King's Snuff Box"
Letter to Robert E. Howard: August 2, 1923
"Hoots Mon or A Hot Night in London"
"Christmas Wreathes"
"The Adventure of the Blond Snuff Dipper"
"Twenty Years of Sticking Plaster"
"This Oriental Bunk"
"De Soto"
"The Slumpback of Nota Dam"
"Why Wash Your Neck?"
"Jean's Christmas"
"The Powers of Deduction"
"My Newspaper Life"
"The Half-Wit of Notre Blame"
"Cards of Fate"
Comment on Tevis Clyde Smith
"Noted Remarks of Un-noted Authors"
"Little Journeys to Homes of the Bunk"
Letter to Robert E. Howard: Circa Fall 1925
"Autumn Leaves"
A Note on Bob Howard
"Gods in Arcady"
Letter to Robert E. Howard: Circa Summer 1928
"Heigho Among the Redmen"
Comments in The Junto
"Rough Love Pays"
"The Phantom Athlete"
"Hindu Evil"
"The Man Who Wanted to Forget Himself"
"Anne Gordon's Earful"
"Fashions in Duels"
"Brooding Nature of Pioneers"
Exchange of Letters: Circa March 1931
"Mysinger's Black Gold"
"Horns to Remind Us"
Letter to Robert E. Howard: March 23, 1932