The Singer in the Mist & Others
Stanza Press
Year : March 2010
Book No. : ISBN13: 9781848630796
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover (No dust jacket)
Pages : xii plus 33
Cover art : Gary Gianni
Illustrations : Gary Gianni

"Introduction" by Stephen Jones
"The Song of the Bats"
"The Ride of Falume"
"The Riders of Babylon"
"The Gates of Nineveh"
"The Harp of Alfred"
"Easter Island"
"Moon Mockery"
"Forbidden Magic"
"The Moor Ghost"
"Dead Man's Hate"
"A Song Out of Midian"
"Shadows on the Road"
"Black Chant Imperial"
"The Song of a Mad Minstrel"
"The Last Day"
"An Open Window"
"Moonlight on a Skull"
"The Soul-Eater"
"The Dream and the Shadow"
"Which Will Scarcely Be Understood"
"Haunting Columns"
"The Poets"
"The Singer in the Mist"
"The Last Hour"
"Lines Written in the Realization That I Must Die"
"The Ghost Kings"
"The King and the Oak"
"Desert Dawn"
"The Hills of Kandahar"
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Edited by Stephen Jones

   The Singer in the Mist & Others  
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