Shayol #1
Flight Unlimited, Inc.
Year : November 1977 (See Notes)
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Chapbook  (8.5 x 11, saddle stapled)
Pages : 68 (including covers)
Cover art : Roger A. Stine (wraparound)
Barry Windsor-Smith (Inside front)
Stephen Fabian (Inside back)

Illustrations : Clyde Caldwell, Jan Schwab,
Vikki Marshall, Hank Jankus,
Tim Kirk, Jeff Easley

      Shayol #1
Other editions:

"Flight" (poem, lines 17-24)
Non-REH Content
"Editorials" by Arnold Fenner and Patricia Cadigan
"Dr. Hudson's Secret Gorilla" by Howard Waldrop
"Heroic Fantasy: The Once and Future Kane"
by Karl Edward Wagner (Article)
"A Piece of Rope" by Lisa Tuttle
"Kirk's Corner" by Tim Kirk (Pictorial)
"Goodbye to All of That" by S. Dale
"On Reviewing and Being Reviewed"
by Michael Bishop
"My Lady Sleeping" by Steve Utley (poem)
"Tailltu: A Progressive Portfolio"
by Jim Fitzpatrick
Shayol Interview: Tom Reamy
"The Hobbit" by Jeff Easley (Pictorial)
"Wonder Show" by Tom Reamy
"Mr. Wyatt in Darkest Africa" by Bruce Holt
"Films" by John Altman (Article)
"Spawn of the Ruins" by Mark Laidlaw
"Reviews" by Anonymous
Publisher/Editor: Arnold Fenner
Editor: Patricia Cadigan
Dated August 1977 in the indicia and November 1977 under the magazine title on the title page.