Robert E. Howard: Selected Poetry

I. Adventure’s Call & Wanderlust
"Adventure, I have followed your beck"
"The Adventurer’s Mistress"
"The Call of the Sea"
"The Day that I Die"
"To the Contented"

II. Barbarism Ascendant
"Astarte’s Idol Stands Alone"
"Black Chant Imperial"
"The Dust Dance" [Version 2]
"The Flood (To All Evangelists)"
"Untamed Avatars"
"A Warning"
"A Word From the Outer Dark"

III. Celtic Connections, Heritage, Ancestry
and the "The Northern Thing"
"Black Harps in the Hills"
"Feach Air Muir Lionadhi Gealach Buidhe Mar Or"
"Heritage" [Version 1]
"Marching Song of Connacht"
"One Blood Strain"
"Retribution" [The Song of Murtagh O’Brien]
"Song Before Clontarf"
"The Song of the Last Briton"
"To Harry the Oliad Men"

IV. Cosmic Visions
"Hymn of Hatred"
"An Open Window"
"The Wheel of Destiny"

V. Howard’s World
"An America"
"The Campus at Midnight"
"A Dawn in Flanders"
"The Drum"
"Hate’s Dawn"
"Little Brown Man of Nippon"
"Match a toad with a far-winged hawk" [Bob and Clyde]
"Night Mood"
"Nights to Both of Us Known"
"No Man’s Land"
"Parody" [Howard’s First Extant Poem]
"Private Magrath of the A. E. F"
"Shall we remember, friend of the morning"
"A Son of Spartacus"
"A Stirring of Green Leaves"
"There were three lads"
"The Viking of the Sky"

VI. Human Baseness & Natural Depravity
"The Chant Demoniac"
"A Hairy-Chested Idealist Sings"
"Mark of the Beast"
"The Men That Walk With Satan"
"Never Beyond the Beast"

VII. Light & Risqué Verses
"An American Epic"
"Ancient English Balladel"
"A Ballad of Beer"
"The Bar by the Side of the Road"
"The Kissing of Sal Snooboo"
"The Maiden of Kercheezer"
"The Passionate Typist"
"A Poet’s Skull"
"A sappe ther wos and that a crumbe manne"

VIII. Love, Lust, & Sensuality
"And so his boyhood wandered into youth"
"The Bride of Cuchulain"
"A Challenge to Bast"                                                             
"The Day Breaks Over Simla"
"Flaming Marble"
"The Gladiator and the Lady"
"The Heart of the Sea’s Desire"
"Keresa, Keresita"
"Love’s Young Dream"
"The Myth"
"The Robes of the Righteous"
"A Roman Lady"
"Scarlet and gold are the stars tonight"
"The Sea Girl"
"Thus in my mood I love you"
"To a Nameless Woman"

IX. Nihilism, Futility, & Disillusionment
"After the trumps are sounded"
"Always Comes Evening"                                                          
"And So I Sang"  
"A beggar, singing without"
"I Praise My Nativity"
"Life" [Version 1]
"Longfellow Revisited"
"A Man"
"Men are toys on a godling’s string"
"Rebel souls from the falling dark"

X. Poems on Poetry Itself, Poets
"Inspiration & the Imagination"
" The Adventurer"
"Age Comes to Rabelais"
"Another Hymn of Hate"
"Echoes from an Anvil"
"A Fable for Critics"
"Man Am I"
"Moonlight on a Skull"
"Musings" [Version 1]
"The Poets"
"Stay Not from Me"
"A Sonnet of Good Cheer"
"The Times, the times Stride on Apace and Fast"
"To All Sophisticates"
"To Lyle Saxon"
"To Moderns"
"To the Stylists"
"Which Will Scarcely Be Understood" 

XI. People Poems: Vignettes of Humanity 
"The Actor"
"The Builders" [as Version 1, first 3 quatrains only]
"The Builders" [as Version 3, last 4 quatrains only]
"The Choir Girl"
"Emancipation [The tramp]"
"The Follower"
"A Great Man Speaks"
"The Peasant on the Euphrates"

XII. The Realms of Gold: Exotic Places Real and Imagined
"The Cats of Anubis"
"Desert Dawn"
"Easter Island"
"A Far Country"
"The Gods of Easter Island"
"The Gods of the Jungle Drums"
"The High Blue Halls"
"Hills of the North, Lavender Hills"
"The Isle of Hy-Brasil"
"Twilight on Stonehenge" 
"Twilight Striding o’er the Mountain"

XIII. Reflections & Introspections
"On with the Play"
"Red Thunder"
"The Skull in the Clouds"  [Reuben’s Brethren]
"A Riding Song"

XIV. Reincarnation 
"The Guise of Youth"
"Memories of Alfred"
"Shadows from Yesterday"
"To a Friend"
"When Death Drops Her Veil"
"White Thunder"

XV. The Road to Yesterday: Poems Based upon History
"Attila Rides No More"
"Babylon Has Fallen"
"The Cells of the Coliseum"
"The Cry Everlasting"
"Dreaming on Downs"
"A Dungeon Opens"
"An Echo from the Iron Harp"
"The Gates of Babylon"
"Hadrian’s Wall" 
"The Harp of Alfred"
"The Hills of Kandahar"
"An Incident in the Muscovy-Turkish War"
"The Master Drum"
"The Riders of Babylon"                                                
"The Road to Bliss"
"The Road to Yesterday"
"Shadows on the Road"
"Song of the Don Cossacks"
"Song of the Legions"

XVI. Short Measures of Joy &
The Awesome Beauty of Nature 

"The ages stride on golden feet"
"The Call of Pan"
"The Gods I Worshipped"
"Hope Empty of Meaning"
"A Moment"
"This is a young world"

XVII. The Soothing Dust: Poems on Suicide
and the Subject of Death
"The Dance With Death"
"Lines Written in the Realization that I Must Die"
"Mingle my dust with the burning brand"
"An Outworn Story"
"Romany Road"
"The Sands of Time"
"Surrender" [ Version 2]
"The Tempter"
"The Years Are as a Knife"

XVIII. Transience, Mutability, Carpe Diem & Ubi Sunt
"Age" [To the Old Men] 
"Dreams of Nineveh"
"Empire’s Destiny"
"For what is a maid to the shout of kings"
"The Gates of Nineveh"
"The Mountains of California"
"The Night Winds"
"O Babylon, Lost Babylon"
"Only a Shadow on the Grass"
"Path of the Strange Wanders"
"Roar, Silver Trumpets"
"Where are your Knights, Don Othna"

XIX. Ballads & Other Narratives
"The Affair at the Tavern"
"—And Bill, he looked at me and said"
"A Legend of Faring Town"
"Miser’s Gold"
"The Open Window"
"The Outcast"
"The Baron and the Wench"
"Swamp Murder"
"Swords glimmered up the pass"
"The Witch"  

XX. Poems from Biblical & Hebrew Sources
"Skulls Over Judah"
"Two Men"

XXI. Boxing Ballads: Poems About Pugilism
"All the crowd"
"And Dempsey Climbed into the Ring and Sneered"
"Aw, Come on and Fight"
"The Champ"
"The Cooling of Spike McRue"
"Fables for Little Folks"
"In the Ring"
"Jack Dempsey"
"John L. Sullivan"
"Kid Lavigne is Dead"
"They matched me up that night"
"Time, the Victor"
"A Tribute to the Sportsmanship of the Fan"
"We are the duckers of crosses"
"When you were a set-up and I was a ham"

XXII. The Dark Continent
"When the Gods Were Kings"
"The Zulu Lord"

 XXIII. Dark Fantasy & Horror
"Against the blood red moon a tower stands"
"All Hallow’s Eve"
"At the Bazaar"
"Black Seas"
"Dead Man’s Hate"
"The Dead Slaver’s Tale"
"Devon Oak"
"A Dull Sound as of Knocking"
"Dweller in Dark Valley"
"Far in the gloomy Northland"
"The Fear That Follows"
"Forbidden Magic"
"The Ghost Kings"
"The Ghost Ocean"
"Ju-Ju Doom"
"The Last Words He Heard"
"The Lost Galley"
"Moon Mockery"
"The Moor Ghost"
"One Who Comes at Eventide"
"The Phantoms Gather"
"Rhyme of the Three Slavers"
"The Ride of Falume"
"The Sea-Woman"
"Shadow Thin"
"Shadows of Dreams"
"The Song of the Mad Minstrel"
"A Song of the Werewolf Folk"
"The Stranger"
"The Symbol"
"The Tavern"
"Thus Spake Sven the Fool"
"To a Woman"
"Up, John Kane!"

XXIV. The Grim Land: Tales of Texas and the West 
"The Alamo"
"Ballad of Buckshot Roberts"
"But the Hills Were Ancient Then"
"The Feud"
"Ghost Dancers"
"The Grim Land"
"John Ringold"
"The Kiowa’s Tale"
"The Lost San Saba Mine"
"Modest Bill"
"Old Bill Faro was a man of might"
"San Jacinto" [Version 1]
"San Jacinto" [Version 2]
"The Sand-Hill’s Crest"
"Sonora to Del Rio"

XXV. Longer Narratives: Howard and Epic Song
"The Ballad of King Geraint"
"Eric of Norway"

XXVI. Pirate Tales
"A Buccaneer Speaks"
"Buccaneer Treasure"
"Drake Sings of Yesterday"
"A Dying Pirate Speaks of Treasure"
"Flint’s Passing"
"A Pirate Remembers"
"A Song of the Anchor Chain"

         XXVII. Poems Relevant to the Prose Fiction  
"Am-Ra the Ta-an"
"The Bell of Morni"
"The Black Stone"
"The Blood of Belshazzar"
"The Drums of Pictdom"
"The Grey God Passes"
"The Hour of the Dragon"
"Kelly the Conjure-Man"
"Kings of the Night"
"The King and the Oak"
"The Lion of Tiberias"
"Men of the Shadows"
"The One Black Stain"
"The Phoenix on the Sword"
"The Pool of the Black One"
"Queen of the Black Coast"
"Red Blades of Black Cathay"
"The Return of Sir Richard Grenville"
"The Road of Azrael"
"Rune of the Ancient One"
"The Scarlet Citadel"
"Solomon Kane’s Homecoming"
"Something About Eve"
"Song of the Pict"
"A Song of the Race"
"The Sowers of the Thunder"
"The Thing on the Roof"
The Zukala Poems: A Narrative Cycle
    "The Tower of Zukala"
    "Zukala's Hour"
    "Zukala's Jest"
    "Zukala's Love Song"

XXVIII. Viking Tales
"The Outgoing of Sigurd the Jerusalem-Farer"
"The Return of the Sea-Farer"
"The Rhyme of the Viking Path"
"Singing Hemp"
"The Song of Horsa’s Galley"
"Viking’s Trail"
"Viking’s Vision"

XXIX. Poetic Sequences
The Black Dawn Sequence
1. "Shadows"
2. "Clouds"
3. "Shrines"
4. "The Iron Harp"
5. "Invocation"

Sonnets Out of Bedlam
1. "The Soul-Eater"   
2. "The Last Hour"   
3. "The Singer in the Mist" 
4. "Haunting Columns" 
5. "The Dream and the Shadow"

Voices Out of the Night   [The Iron Harp]
1. "Out of the Deep" [The Voices Waken Memory]
2. "Babel"
3. "Laughter in the Gulfs"
4. "Moon Shame"
5. "A Crown for a King"

XXX. Prose Poems 
"Proem" (See page 1 of book)
"Etchings in Ivory"
"Flaming Marble"
"Skulls and Orchids"
"Medallions in the Moon"
"The Gods that Men Forgot"
"Bloodstones and Ebony"