Seekers of Dreams
Cold Spring Press
Year :
August 2005
Book No. : 1593600488
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 408
Cover art : Daniel Govar
Illustrations : None
  Seekers of Dreams
Other editions:

"The Challenge from Beyond" by C. L. Moore, A. Merritt, H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E.Howard, and Frank Belknap Long, Jr.
Non-REH Contents
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"The Mountains of the Moon" by Laurence Housman
"The Gods of the Mountain" by Lord Dunsany
"The Bright Valley" by R. H. Barlow
"The Shadow at the Bottom of the World" by Thomas Ligotti
"The Saint and the Forest-Gods" by Kenneth Morris
"The Unicorn Tapestries" by Peter S. Beagle
"A King's Lesson" by William Morris
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"The Moon-Dial" by Henry S. Whitehead
"The Face by the River" by Clark Ashton Smith
"The Fifty First Dragon" by Heywood Broun
"Quercus Hobbs" by Leonard Cline
"The Judge's House" by Bram Stoker
"The Grimoire" by Montague Summers
"The Were-Wolf" by Clemence Housman
"Inexplicable" by L. G. Moberly
"The Golden Rat" by Alexander Harvey
"The Haunted Jarvee" by William Hope Hodgson
"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum
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Edited by Douglas A. Anderson