School Days in the Post Oaks 
REH Foundation Press
Year :
May 2011
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Trade Paperback  (6 x 9 inches)
Pages : 313
Cover art : Photograph of REH and postcards of Brownwood Schools
Illustrations : None (photographs, newspaper comics, and ads inside)
   School Days in the Post Oaks   
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Edited by Rob Roehm

Contents (Continued)
School’s Out—Editorial by Rob Roehm
Note: Cross Plains Review—June 1, 1923
Note: Cross Plains Review—June 22, 1923
Departments of College Are Complete in Every Respect
Ad from the Yellow Jacket
Beginning of Tenth Year
Former High School Student Dies in Denver
Brownwood High Has Record Attendance
Ads from The Tattler
Tattler Editor of Last Year Now Heads Howard Payne Staff 
Note from Cross Plains Review: September 27, 1923
Tragic Death of Young Roy Guthrie
Tragic Death of Former Student
Who’s Who in Foods One Department by Novalyne Price
High School Holds Pep Meeting
Joke from The Tattler
Note from Cross Plains Review: October 5, 1923
The Tattler of Brownwood High School Is Making Progress
Brownwood High Enjoys First Program
Editorial in The Tattler: October 19, 1923
High School Tattler Puts Out Third Issue
from The Office Cat
Ad from The Progress
Local News
One of the Main F’s Visit Cross Plains
A New Top in School
Ad from The Progress   
Boyles Is Elected Editor Fish Edition   
Held Oratorical Contest
Curtis and Dorsett Will Publish Yellow Jacket for Next Year
Little Items of Local Interest
Rainbow Girls Public Installation
Excellent Commencement Programs
Howard Payne Finds Problem in Housing Large Student Body
Rainbow Girls Party
Brownwood Hi Begins Newspaper Season
Ad from Yellow Jacket
Editor Curtis Resigns from the Yellow Jacket
Halloween Box Supper and Social
Editorial in The Tattler: November 14, 1924
from Bare Facts
Scene on a Train
Howard Payne Students Leave for Press Meet
Boyles, Now Married and Is Managing Editor
Yellow Jacket Staff Elected by Student Body
Student Elect 1925-26 Officers at Daniel Baker
Renascent by Lexie Dean Robertson
Daniel Baker—Editorial by Rob Roehm
First Issue of Jacket Off Press   
Initial Number of Daniel Baker Paper
First Issue of Roar Appears Tuesday Morn
Daniel Baker Footlight Club Organized
Students Give Fine Recital Friday Night
Former Asst. Editor Now Editor of Weekly
H.P. Grad Wins Old South Prize in Poetry Contest
Novel Program Is Presented Thursday
Here and There—Mostly There  
Ballads Given to Studes Chapel
First Christian Senior Endeavor
Footlight Gives Two Plays
Hither and Yon—Mostly Yon
Mock Faculty Brings Ha’s
Anice Martin Gives Pleasing Recital
Hither and Yon—Mostly Yon
Rainbows Install New Officers
We Wonder
Miss Novalyne Price in Splendid Recital
Choose Heads for Next Year
Personal Mention: July 6, 1926
Personal Mention: August 4, 1926
Howard Payne — Editorial by Rob Roehm
Hubert McNatt Dies in Dallas Hospital
Large Enrollment Is Made
Curtis, Former Jacket Editor in Missouri
Independence and Censorship   
Special Will Run to Tilt at Waco
Organization of Daniel Baker Footlight Players
Student Body Accepts Stewart’s Resignation   
The College Newspaper
Special to Waco Leaves Friday Nite
Bears Winners on Muddy Field
Jacket to Have Short Story Writer
The Baylor Trip by F. J. Agee
Special Was Howling Success
Ad in Brownwood Bulletin
Departmental Crumbs   
Jacket Copy Box
Departmental Crumbs   
Yellow Jacket Staff Box
This Is Last Issue Before Xmas
Outstanding Facts Concerning Howard Payne
Theater ads
Will Rogers Will Be Here February 25
You May Be Winner in State Journalistic Contest
Little Items of Local Interest
Mortuary: Nelda June Powell
Journalism Contest Closes Tonight
Class Issues Will Have Interest
Winners of Press Club Contest Will Be Announced Soon
Judges Selected for T.I.P.A. Contest
Daniel Baker to Build Gym with Yearbook Funds
Small Tornado Hits Brownwood Vicinity
1928 Press Meet to Be in Canyon
Calendar for Summer School   
14 Will Graduate from Daniel Baker
Summer Session Opens Wed.   
Graduates One of Largest in History of HP
Former Editor of Yellow Jacket Is Now Teaching School
Academy Diplomas
Robert E. Howard and the Yellow Jacket by Rob Roehm
Letters from Hester Howard
J. E. Basham Died Tuesday Morning
Subject Index
Title Index
REH Contents  
"Golden Hope Christmas"
"West Is West"
"Aha! Or the Mystery of the Queen’s Necklace"
"Unhand Me, Villain!"
"The Sheik"
"What the Nation Owes the South"
"The Sea" (poem)
"The Maiden of Kercheezer" (poem)
"Rules of Etiquette" (poem)
"Letter of a Chinese Student" (1)
"Letter of a Chinese Student" (2)
"Halt! Who Goes There?"
"The Ideal Girl"
"The Kissing of Sal Snooboo" (poem)
"Illusion" (poem)
"Fables for Little Folks" (poem)
"Roundelay of the Roughneck" (poem)
"Tarantella" (poem)
"Futility" (2, "Time races on . . .") (poem)
"Sleeping Beauty"
"After the Game"
"Weekly Short Story"
"For the Honor of the School" (Authorship uncertain)
"The Rivals" (Authorship uncertain)
"His War Medals" (Authorship uncertain)
"The Thessalians"
"Private Magrath of the A.E.F." (poem)
"Ye College Days"
"Cupid Vs. Pollux"
"From Tea to Tee" (Authorship uncertain)
"The Reformation: A Dream" (Authorship uncertain)
Other Contents
Cross Plains High—Editorial by Rob Roehm
Cross Cut Items—January 19, 1915-July 13, 1917
Note: Cross Plains Review—May 2, 1919
Society: Birthday Party
From Burkett
School Notice
Cross Plains School Begins Next Monday
Announcement by Doctor Howard
Item: Cross Plains Review—July 1, 1921
Dr. Howard Taking Lecture Corse at New Orleans
First Christian Intermediate Endeavor
District Track Meet Comanche Postponed
Graduating Class of Cross Plains School
School Exercises Friday Night, May 12
Close of Commencement Exercises
Radio Station Being Installed
Brownwood High School—Editorial by Rob Roehm
Little Items of Local Interest
Brownwood Schools for New Educational Year
High School Is Badly Crowded
Personal Items
Pep Squad Represents School at Banquet
Three Free Subscriptions to Be Offered for Christmas Stories
Editorial: The Tattler—November 24, 1922
Little Items of Local Interest
Personal Items
First Christian Intermediate
Cross Plains Boy Writes Good Stories
Advertisement for Lyric Theatre
Creditable Publications
Ads from The Tattler
Notice: Brownwood Bulletin—January 1, 1923
Personal Items
Junior-Senior Walkout
Just Between You and Me
Cartoon from The Tattler
Seniors and Juniors Receive Public Reprimand
High School Activities
Athletic Contests To Be Staged by Military Co.
The Tattler staff box
Six Letters Made in Basketball
Little Items of Local Interest
Editorial: The Tattler—March 1, 1923
Citizenship Program Characteristic of What BHS Can Do
All School Students Witness Flag Raising
Advertisement for Lyric Theatre
Road Conditions May Cause Business to Go to Cross Plains
Daniel Baker Pupils Recital
Personal Items
Robert Howard, Short Story Writer
Dr. Gamel, Noted Boyologist Spends Week in High School
Cartoon from The Tattler
Mr. Dunlavy Speaks to Student Body   
Boys’ Week in BHS Decided Success
Senior Boys Spend Night in Wilderness
Editorial: The Tattler—March 15, 1923
Some More Excitement from the Science Department
Senior Picnic
Boys and Girls of High School Will Entertain
High School Tattler Wins Fourth Place
Council Met; Announced Vote Cast in Election
Brownwood Hi School Has Largest Class of Graduates
To a Blue Bonnet by Clyde Smith
Record-Breaking High School Class Receive Their Diplomas
Delightful Hospitality
Personal Items
Large Class Turned Out by Brownwood School
Some Facts About Brownwood
High School Society Contest
Personal Items   
Advertisement for Lyric Theatre

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