The Robert E. Howard Reader  
The Borgo Press
Year :
September 2010
Book No. :
ISBN: 978-1-4344-1165-5
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback  (6 x 9)
Pages : 211
Cover art : Unknown
Illustrations : None
       The Robert E. Howard Reader
Other editions:

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"Barbarism vs. Civilization" by S.T. Joshi
"Crash Go the Civilizations" by Mark Hall
"Return to Xuthal" by Charles Hoffman
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"King Kull as a Prototype of Conan" by Darrell Schweitzer
"How Pure a Puritan Was Solomon Kane?" by Robert M. Price
"Balthus of Cross Plains" by George H. Scithers
"Fictionalizing Howard" by Gary Romeo
"A Journey to Cross Plains" by Howard Waldrop
"WEIRD TALES and the Great Depression" by Scott Connors
"After Aquilonia and Having Left Lankhmar: Sword & Sorcery
Since the 1980s" by Steve Tompkins
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Edited by Darrell Schweitzer
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