A Rhyme of Salem Town and Other Poems
The Robert E. Howard Foundation
Year :
February 2007
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : 183
Cover art : Not credited
Illustrations : None
 A Rhyme of Salem Town and Other Poems    
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Limited edition of 300 copies.

"Introduction" by Paul Herman
"When Men Were Bold" (poem)
"Untamed Avatars" (poem)
"The Slayer" (poem)
"Trail's End" (poem)
"To Moderns" (poem)
"Echoes from an Anvil" (poem)
"To the Stylists" (poem)
"The Actor" (poem)
"When I Was a Youth" (poem)
"Native Hell" (poem)
"Another Hymn of Hate" (poem)
"The Ladder of Life" (poem)
"Artifice" (poem)
"Escape" (poem)
"Romance" (poem)
"A Song of Bards" (poem)
"Mankind" (poem)
"A Rhyme of Salem Town" (poem)
"The Rulers" (poem)
"The Lies" (poem)
"Man, the Master" (poem)
"The Primal Urge" (poem)
"The Open Window" (poem)
"Swings and Swings" (poem)
"Untitled" ("As you dance upon the air.") (poem)
"And So I Sang" (poem)
"Rattle of Drums" (poem)
"The Wheel of Destiny" (poem)
"On with the Play" (poem)
"Only a Shadow on the Grass" (poem)
"Longfellow Revised" (poem)
"The Road to Freedom" (poem)
"To a Kind Missionary Woiker" (poem)
"Little Bell of Brass" (poem)
"The Ages Stride on Golden Feet" (poem)
"Baal" (poem)
"Baal-Pteor" (poem)
"The Broken Walls of Babel" (poem)
"Who Shall Sing of Babylon?" (poem)
"West" (poem)
"The Builders" (2, poem)
"The Builders" (1, poem) (first three quatrains only)
"The Peasant of the Euphrates" (poem)
"King of the Sea" (poem)
"The Worshippers" (poem)
"Astarte's Idol Stands Alone" (poem)
"A Calling to Rome" (poem)
"Roads" (poem)
"The Cells of the Coliseum" (poem)
"The Gods I Worshipped" (poem)
"The Passing of the Elder Gods" (poem)
"Mahomet" (poem)
"Roar, Silver Trumpets" (poem)
"Mihiragula" (poem)
"Krakorum" (poem)
"The Sign of the Sickle" (poem)
"Eric of Norway" (poem)
"The Tartar Raid" (poem)
"The Cry Everlasting" (poem)
"The Road to Bliss" (poem)
"Farewell, Proud Munster" (poem)
"The Affair at the Tavern" (poem)
"The House of Gael" (poem)
"Land of the Pioneer" (poem)
"An Incident of the Muscovy-Turkish War" (poem)
"San Jacinto" (poem)
"Modest Bill" (poem)
"The Bandit" (poem)
"The Lost San Saba Mine" (poem)
"Over the Old Rio Grandey" (poem)
"Lunacy Chant" (poem)
"The Drum" (poem)
"No Man's Land" (poem)
"O the Brave Sea-Rover" (poem)
"The Stralsund" (poem)
"A Dull Sound as of Knocking" (poem)
"The Tower of Zukala" (poem)
"Cornish Jack" (poem)
"As I Rode Down to Lincoln Town" (poem)
"Far in the Gloomy Northland" (poem)
"Devon Oak" (poem)
"Ju-Ju Doom" (poem)
"The Phantoms Gather" (poem)
"The Oaks" (poem)
"Mystic Lore" (poem)
"A Misty Sea" (poem)
"The Wanderer" (poem)
"The Rover" (poem)
"The Pirate" (poem)
"The Call of the Sea" (poem)
"Freedom" (poem)
"The Sea and the Sunrise" (poem)
"Sea-Chant" (poem)
"Ace High" (poem)
"The Desert" (poem)
"Zululand" (poem)
"The Plains of Gilban" (poem)
"The Chief of the Matabeles" (poem)
"When I Was in Africa" (poem)
"Down the Ages" (poem)
"Time, the Victor" (poem)
"The Desert Hawk" (poem)
"The Winds of the Sea" (poem)
"Mine but to Serve" (poem)
"Am-ra the Ta-an" (poem)
"The Baron and the Wench" (poem)
"The Winds That Walk the World" (poem)
"Little Brown Man of Nippon" (poem)
"The Sword of Lal Singh" (poem)
"Yesterdays" (poem)
"Prelude" (poem)
"Senor Zorro" (poem)
"The Road to Yesterday" (poem)
"A Quatrain of Beauty" (poem)
"The Trail of Gold" (poem)
"Was I There?" (poem)
"The King of Trade" (poem)
"Edgar Guest" (poem)
"Exhortation" (poem)
"Code" (poem)
"Perspective" (poem)
"The Phases of Life" (poem)
"Untitled" ("Murky the night") (poem)
"Untitled" ("For what is a maid to the shout of kings?") (poem)
"Now and Then" (poem)