Over the Edge 
Year :
Book No. : 0575009349
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : 297
Cover : Unknown
Illustrations : None
  Over the Edge
Other editions:

"The Blue Flame of Vengeance" (with John Pocsik)
Non-REH Contents
"Foreword" by August Derleth
"The Crew of the Lancing" by William Hope Hodgson
"The Last Meeting of Two Old Friends"
by H. Russell Wakefield
"The Shadow in the Attic"
by H. P. Lovecraft and August Derleth
"The Renegade" by John Metcalfe
"Told in the Desert" by Clark Ashton Smith
"When the Rains Came" by Frank Belknap Long
"Crabgrass" by Jesse Stuart
"Kincaid's Car" by Carl Jacobi
"The Patchwork Quilt" by August Derleth
"The Black Gondolier" by Fritz Leiber
"The Old Lady's Room" by J. Vernon Shea
"The North Knoll" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"The Huaco of Senor Peréz"
by Mary Elizabeth Counselman
"Mr. Alucard" by David A. Johnstone
"Casting the Stone" by John Pocsik
"Aneanoshian" by Michael Bailey
"The Stone on the Island" by J. Ramsey Campbell.
Edited by August Derleth
There was a second printing in 1967.