Mediascene #20 
Year :
July-August 1976
Book No. : None
Format : Periodical  (11.5 x 15)
Pages : 36
Cover art : Neal Adams - Section 1
Barry Smith - Section 2

Illustrations : Rudy Nebres,  Jim Steranko
Mediascene #20
Other editions:

"On Reading - And Writing" (see notes)
Non-REH Contents
"Editorial" by Jim Steranko
Centerspread by Jim Steranko
"From Sigfried to Hercules"
"The Cinema of Swords and Sorcery: An Overview"
by Carl Macek
Coming Attractions: Fall Film Fare
News/Views/Reviews From the World of Comics
"Profile on Jack Katz: Exploring the First Kingdom"
by Daniel Brin
"Wallace Wood and the Wizard King: An Exclusive Preview"
"Tolkien, The Magician of Middle Earth"
by Joel Thingvall
Embodied in an autobiographical essay by REH, titled "I Created Conan", created by cutting down "On Reading - And Writing", specifically pages 49-58 from THE LAST CELT.
This is a collecion of portions of various REH letters, all dealing with REH's choices in reading and writing techniques.
"I Created Conan" illustrated by Rudy Nebres