Magira #28
Year :
May 1977
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : 60
Cover art : Front: Esteban Maroto
Back: Esteban Maroto

Illustrations : Franz Berthold, Pierangelo Boog, Volker Diefenbach, Virgil Finlay, Roy G. Krenkel, Esteban Maroto, Helmut Pesch, John Severin, and Ralf Wolf
    Magira #28
Other editions:

Letter to Farnsworth Wright, May 6, 1935,
"I always hate to write a letter like this . . ."
Translated by Johanna Nilsson
Illustrated by
John Severin

Non-REH Contents
Indicia & Preview
"Schwert & Magie" ("Sword & Magic") by Hubert Strassl  (editorial)
"H. L. Gold/Unknown Worlds" by Hugh Walker (= Hubert Strassl) (article)
"Eine Verflixt Trockene Angelegenheit" ("Trouble with Water") by H. L. Gold
"Before Conan There Was--Nightmaster" by Volker Diefenbach (article)
"Klagelied der Nymphe Glysthina" by Manfred Roth (poem)
"Verdaulisches & Unverdaulisches" by  Helmut Pesch (reviews)
"Moon Mist" by Virgil Finlay (poem)
"Virgil Finlay"  (article, uncredited)
"Mond-Schleier" by Virgil Finlay (poem)

Publisher: Follow (Fellowship of the Lords of the Lands of Wonder)
Edited by Hubert Strassl
The Erster Deutscher (First German) Fantasy Club is a cultural and scientific non-profit organization that deals with the field of fantasy and of sci-fi genre.
Limited to 300 copies
Language: German