Magira #21
Year :
June/July 1975
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : 56
Cover art : Front: Philip Caza
Back: Pierangelo Boog

Illustrations : Ralf Wolf, Helmut Pesch, Frank Herbst, Wolfgang Liebelt, John Cullen Murphy, Roy G. Krenkel, Franz Berthold, Virgil Finlay, Michael Guttmann, Ernst Vlcek, and Udo Linke
    Magira #21
Other editions:

"Moonlight on a Skull" (poem, English)

Non-REH Contents
"Schwert und Magie" ("Sword and Magic) by Hubert Strassl
"Slenya Akkiba Magus" by Fritz Leiber
"Der Herr der Ringe" ("The Lord of the Rings")
Wolfgang Liebelt (portfolio)
"Prince Valiant" by Dr. Peter Pohl (article)
"A Visit with Hal Foster" by James Van Hise & Andrew Warner (interview)
Illustrated by John Cullen Murphy
"Verdaulisches & Unverdaulisches" by Helmut Pesch (reviews)    
"Gedanken uber Fantasy-Serien" by Eduard Lukschandl (article)  
"Dragon -- Sohne von Atlantis" by Eduard Lukschandl (article)
"Ein Kommen und Gehen" by Pierangelo Boog (poem)   

Publisher: Follow (Fellowship of the Lords of the Lands of Wonder)
Edited by Hubert Strassl
Language: German except where noted