Night Images
The Morning Star Press
Year :
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket  (9 x 11.5 inches)
Pages : 104
Cover art : Frank Frazetta 
Illustrations : Richard Corben 
 Night Images   
Other editions:

"Foreword" by John Poscik
"Echoes From An Anvil: The Poetry of Robert E. Howard"
by Armand Eisen

Of Dreams and Visions
"The King and the Oak"
"The Cats of Anubis"
"No More Serpent Prow"
"Haunting Columns"
"Black Dawn"
"Echoes From an Anvil"
"Altars and Jesters"
"The Ghost Kings"
Songs of Longing and of Love
"The Heart of the Sea's Desire"
"The Day Breaks Over Simula"
"The Tide"
"A Song Out of the East"
"Tiger Girl"
"The Sea Girl"
Songs of War and Warriors
"A Thousand Years Ago"
"The Gold and the Grey"
"Marching Song of Connacht"
"Black Harps in the Hills"
"The Legacy of Tubal-Cain"
"Viking's Trail"
"The Phoenix on the Sword"
"Kings of the Night"
"The King and the Mallet"
"Song Before Clontarf"
"To Harry the Oliad Men"
"And Beowulf Rides Again"
Songs From The World
 "Always Comes Evening"
"Solomon Kane's Homecoming"
"The Master-Drum"
"The Kiowa's Tale"
"The Song of the Jackal"
"Singing Hemp"
"Days of Glory"
"Mark of the Beast"
"The Road to Rome"
"Roar, Silver Trumpets"
"The King of the Ages Comes"
"The Jackal"
"The Campus at Midnight"
"When the Gods Were Kings"
Songs of Death
"Oh Babylon, Lost Babylon"
"A Word from the Outer Dark"
"Swamp Murder"
"To a Friend"
"The Dead Slaver's Tale"
"A Buccaneer Speaks"
"Hope Empty of Meaning"
"Hopes of Dreams"
Limited edition of 1000 copies.
250 Special Edition and 750 Regular Edition.
The Regular Edition has a blue binding.
The Special Edition has a black binding with slipcase, an extra full color Frazetta illustration, and is signed by Corben.

The Special Edition also contains "A Song For All Women."
First complete appearance: "Oh Babylon, Lost Babylon"
Fourteen interior illustrations by Richard Corben.