The Hyborian Age   
LANY Cooperative Publications
Year : 1938
Book No. : None
Format : Chapbook (mimeographed, printed wrappers, stapled)
Pages : 22
Cover : Not Illustrated
Illustrations : Map of the Hyborian Age by REH
"The Hyborian Age"
Map of the Hyborian Age
Non-REH Contents
"A Probable Outline of Conan's Career" by P. Schuyler Miller and John D. Clark, Ph.D.
With an introductory letter by H. P. Lovecraft

LANY Cooperative Publications was a science-fiction fan group consisting of New York fans Donald Wollheim and John Michel and Los Angeles fans Forrest J. Ackerman and Russel Hodgkins.
LANY is an acronym for Los Angeles-New York

Less than 100 copies printed.
First complete publication.

   The Hyborian Age     
Other editions:
Skelos Press