A Gent from Bear Creek
Herbert Jenkins
Year :
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : Unknown
Cover art : Unknown
Illustrations : None

Only known surviving copy with a dust jacket.

Surviving copy without a dust jacket.

A Gent from Bear Creek

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Other editions:
Grant 1st
Grant 2nd

"A Gent from Bear Creek" (Novel)
"A Gent from Bear Creek" is the title of both an original short story, as well as a novel created by combining several previous short stories with some new material; the previously published short stories were altered a little to create chapters with a continuous story line, and new material was added as additional chapters.  
The chapters are:
"Striped Shirts and Busted Hearts" (new)
"Mountain Man"
"Meet Cap'n Kidd" (new)
"Guns of the Mountains"
"A Gent from Bear Creek"
"The Feud Buster"
"The Road to Bear Creek"
"The Scalp Hunter"
"Cupid from Bear Creek"
"The Haunted Mountain"
"Educate or Bust" (new)
"War on Bear Creek"
"When Bear Creek Came to Chawed Ear" (new).

The information below is from "Collecting Robert E. Howard" by Don Herron in the July/August 2000 issue of FIRSTS.
A ‘Cheap Edition’ was reportedly released in 1938.  
Glenn Lord supposes the cheap state may have been the first, with the dustjacket marked down accordingly, or signatures of the first bound in lesser materials, perhaps even paper-covered. Neither he nor anyone he has talked with in over 50 years of Howard collecting has ever seen this “cheap” edition.

The true first edition from 1937 is almost as scarce.
Nine copies are known positively to exist.

The copy that went to I. M. Howard is now held in a Robert E. Howard collection by Ranger Junior College in Ranger, Texas. It lacks a dustjacket.
Howard collector Darrell C. Richardson has owned a copy for many years. It too lacks the dustjacket.
3. & 4.
Two copies are in libraries in Britain.  Both lack dust jackets, although one bookless dust jacket may exist.
A Canadian collector owns a copy without a dust jacket.
The finest known copy belongs to Glenn Lord.
It is the only copy known in dustjacket.
Lord bought it some forty years ago from Arkham House publisher August Derleth for $4.00. Inside, written in holograph, is “August Derleth, his book.”

Leo Grin located a copy via a source in South Africa, who saved it from a discard bin the day before the contents of that bin were headed to the dump. Leo bought this jacketless copy and has donated it to the REH Museum in Cross Plains, Texas.
A copy with the defining condition of having restored endpapers (and no dustjacket) was offered on eBay.
A copy was sold on AbeBooks for $15 in July 2006.
It was then resold on ebay for $8,500.
It was then traded for early issues of THE SHADOW and is now in the collection of Ed Gobbett.
This copy had a Boots Book Slip at the first page of text, as well as a Boots Lending slip on the verso of the rear cover. Boots would buy books at the time of issue and immediately discard the dustjacket and slap one of their stickers on the front board, they would then rent out the book with the intent of eventually selling the book to any interested buyer