Fantasy Tales Volume 10 Number 1
Robinson Publishing
Year :
Autumn 1988
Book No. : 0948164859
Edition : 1st 
Format : Digest
Pages : 104
Cover art : Christos Achilléos
Illustrations : Lynne Taylor, Jim Pitts,
Martin McKenna, Steve Berridge,
Allen Koszowski, Alan Hunter,
Andrew Smith, Russ Nicholson
    Fantasy Tales Volume 10 Number 1  
Other editions: None

"Memories" (poem)
Non-REH Content
"Now and Again in Summer" by Charles S. Grant
"The Thievery of Yish" by Lin Carter
"Vampire Village" by Guy N. Smith
"The Farmer and the Traveling Salesman's Daughter"
by C. Bruce Hunter
"Fancy That" by J. N. Williamson
"Touching" by Chris Morgan
"A Vision of Rembathene" by Darrell Schweitzer
"Writer's Cramp" by Daid Riley
"The Cloven Cross" by Chris Naylor (poem)
The Cauldron (letter column)
Editor: Stephen Jones
Associate Editor: David A. Sutton

Published twice yearly
"Memories" is not illustrated
FANTASY TALES was published by Stephen Jones Summer 1977 to Summer 1987
FANTASY TALES was published by Robinson Publishing from Autumn 1988 to Fall 1991