The Fantasy Fan Volume 2 Number 5 (Whole No. 17) 
Charles D. Hornig
Year : January 1935
Book No. : None
Format : Periodical (6x9, side stapled)
Pages : 16
Cover art : None
Illustrations : None
"Babel" (poem)
Non-REH Contents
"Dream" by R. O. P. (poem)
"Supernatural Horror in Literature"
Part 16 of 17, H. P. Lovecraft (article)
"The Monstrosity" by Hoy Ping Pong (article)
"A Beam from the Sky" by Kenneth B. Pritchard (article)
"The Key" by H. P. Lovecraft (poem)
"Homecoming" by H. P. Lovecraft (poem)
"Late Revenge" by Duane W. Rimel (poem)
"The Alien" by Natalie H. Wooley (poem)
"Fragment" by Robert Nelson (poem)
"The Elder Thing" by William Lumley (poem)
"The Ghoul's Parade" by Lionel Dilbeck (poem)
"The Dead World" by Richard F. Searight (poem)
"Trilogy of Death" by Robert Nelson (poem)
"An Anecdote" by Forest J. Ackerman (poem)
"Alier's Alibi" by Mortimer Weisinger (article)
Edited by Charles D. Hornig
Print run of only about 60 copies.
     The Fantasy Fan Volume 2 Number 5 (Whole No. 17)  
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