The Fantasy Fan Volume 1 Number 9 
Charles D. Hornig
Year : May 1934
Book No. : None
Format : Periodical (6x9, side stapled)
Pages : 16
Cover art : None
Illustrations : None
To The Fantasy Fan, ca. 1934,
"Smith’s poem in the March issue . . ."

Non-REH Contents
"Phantom Lights" August W. Derleth
"Supernatural Horror in Literature" Part 8 of 17,
by H.P. Lovecraft (article)

"The Flower God" by Robert H. Barlow
"The Mirror in the Hall of Ebony"
by Clark Ashton Smith  (prose poem)
"The Weird Tale" by Robert Nelson (article)
"Shadows" by William Lumley (poem)
"Dragons" by A. Nonymous (poem)
"Inherited Money" by Kenneth B. Pritchard (article)
"About H. G. Wells" by Daniel McPhail
(actually Robert H. Barlow) (article)
Edited by Charles D. Hornig
Print run of only about 60 copies.
 The Fantasy Fan Volume 1 Number 9      
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