Fantasy Crossroads #9
Stygian Isle Press
Year :
August 1976
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical  (8.5 x 11, saddle stapled)
Pages : 44
Cover art : Richard Corben
Illustrations : Vandereun(?), Gene Day, Broc Sears, Randy Mohr, Douglas Herring, Don Herron, David Parsons, Stephen Riley, B. Englum, Clyde Caldwell.
    Fantasy Crossroads #9   
Other editions:

"The Last Laugh"
Non-REH Contents
"N'tu Nusa Ya Chikanda" by Charles R. Saunders
"A Whisper of Leathery Wings" by Eddy C. Bertin
"Of Sword & Sorcery" by Paul C. Allen (article)
"White Slayers of the Waste" by J. E. Coplin
"REH Editors Roundtable Discussion" Part 1 of 2
Jonathon Bacon, Arnie Fenner, George T. Hamilton, Dennis McHaney, Damon Sasser, Byron Roark, George H. Scithers, and Wayne Warfield
"Hindu Evil" by Tevis Clyde Smith
Red Nails Portfolio by Gene Day
Ramblings (editorial)
Epistle Express (letter column)
News Notes
Revue Rak (reviews)
Edited by Jonathan Bacon
Limited edition of 1,200 numbered copies.
First appearance: "The Last Laugh"