Fantasy Crossroads #1
Graceland College Comic Club
Year :
November 1974
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (8.5 x 11, side stapled)
Pages : 86
Cover art : Mike Ball [a la Joe Kubert] (front)
A. J. Hanley (back)
Illustrations : Frank Cirocco, Ric Cruz, Will Eisner, Marty Greim, David Heath Jr., Sam de la Rosa, Michael Sanders, Mercy Van Vlack, Jonathan Victor, and Roy Wilson
   Fantasy Crossroads #1   
Other editions:

"Recompense" (poem)
"The Singer in the Mist" (poem)
"The Hall of the Dead" (synopsis)
"The Song of a Mad Minstrel" (poem)
"Delenda Est"
Non-REH Contents

"Editorial" by Jonathan Bacon
"A Guide to Comic Book Conditions"
"Jack Kirby: Myth Maker" by Jonathan Bacon (article)
"Epistle Express" (letter column)
"Eisner and 'The Spirit'" by Jonathan Bacon (article)
"Nostalgia Portfolio"
"Fan Art Portfolio"
"Conan Checklist" by Jonathan Bacon
"Who Are You & Comic Fraud" by Stan Blair
"Revue Rak" (reviews)
Edited by Jonathan Bacon
Limited edition print run of 890 copies.
First appearance: "The Hall of the Dead"