Etchings & Odysseys #10  
The Strange Company
Year : 1987
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical  (8.5 x 11, perfect bound)
Pages : 116
Cover art : Hans P. Werner
Illustrations : Rodolfo Ferraresi, Allen Koszowski, Al Shamie, Rick Harrison, Robert Knox, Steven Sinatra, Hans Werner, John Borkowski, Lew Cabos, E.T. Caldwell, R. DaSilva, Jervas Dudley, Kevin Duncan, Bill Guy, Rick Harrison, R.H. Knox, Denis Tiani

"A Song of the Werewolf Folk" (poem)
Non-REH Content
"Office Party" by Joan Garrison
"Dreadful Bargain" by Albert Manachino
"The Ice Cave" by Norris Hertzog
"The Ghoulmaker" by Jerry Eubank
"Clark Ashton Smith: Emperor of Dreams"
by James Van Hise (article)
"Never Follow Pretty Women Home" by H.R. Felgenhauer
"The Thought-Monster" by Amelia Reynolds Long
"Inmate" by Brian Lumley (poem)
"Procession" by Kiel Stuart
"Vampire's Kiss" by Roger Dale Trexler
"Observations of a Famulus / Chronicle One"
by Morgan Griffith
"Joker" by Larry Baukin
"Portfolio" by Hans P. Werner
"The Leaves, the Leaves" by Billy Wolfenbarger
"St. George and the Curse" by Albert Manachino
"A Visit with Amelia Reynolds Long"
by Chet Williamson (article)
"Yours, Ameria" by Amelia Reynolds Long (letter)
"To My Friend E.P.L. and My Dog Mike Both Lost Within Two Weeks" by Amelia Reynolds Long (poem)
"Mazed" by R. Leming
"Ashtoroth" by Armas Salminen
"Great Cthulhu" by Armas Salminen
"The Undead" by Amelia Reynolds Long
"Destiny" by Brian Lumley (poem)
"Portfolio" by Al Shamie
"Contradictions" by Audrey Parente
"The Acolyte Years" by Duane Rimel (article)
"Mating Ritual" by Kevin J. Anderson
"Fabrications" by Armas Salminen
"In Eryx where lizard-men . . " by Armas Salminen (poem)
"One-Hundred-Seventy- Seven Kilograms"
by Philip E. Kaveny
"dreams of sea beds" by Dave Reeder (poem)
"The Librarian" by Duane Rimel
"Ubbo-Sathla" by Leigh Blackmore (poem)
"The Spectacles in the Drawer" by Thomas Ligotti
"Lord Dunsany and Lovecraft" by R. Alain Everts (article)
"Shadows in the Moonlight" by BarryRadburn
"Raked Over the Coals" by Larry Baukin
"Time's Up" by Vincent McHardy
Editors: Eric Carlson, John J. Koblas & R. Alain Everts
Limited to 1000 copies.

Etchings & Odysseys #10   
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