Etchings & Odysseys #1  
MinnCon Publications
Year : 1973
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical  (8.5 x 11,  Plastic spiral binding)
Pages : 116
Cover art : Herb Arnold
Illustrations : Unknown

"Rune" (poem)
Voices of the Night:
  "The Voices Waken Memory"
  "Babel" (poem)
"Casonetto's Last Song"
Non-REH Content
"First Love" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"White Witch" by John Bredon (poem)
"Hate" by Richard L. Tierney (poem)
"The Mound of Yig?" by W. E. Baardson (article)
"Kiss an Angel Good Morning" by Robert Borski
"Where are Yesterday's Castles" by Eddy C. Bertin (poem)
"A Song for the Living, A Song for the Dead" by Eddy C. Bertin (poem)
"The Left Behind" by John Jacob
"Letters of Reminiscence" by E. Hoffmann Price
""Ice Dwarf" by John Bredon (poem)
"Places to Avoid!" by Anon
"What Lurks Among the Dunes" by Walter C. DeBill, Jr.
"Guess Whut's Coming to Dinner" by John J. Koblas (play)
"Lunar Liturgy" by Alan Gullette (poem)
"Interview: Carl Jacobi"
"Death" by Joseph Payne Brennan (poem)
"Homecoming" by E. P. Berglund
"When the Stars Are Right" by Richard L. Tierney (article)
"For Fear" by Alan Gullette (poem)
"Brandon's Pipe" by Joseph A. West
"Filming The Outsider" by Darrell Schweitzer (article)
"The Lost Man" by Kenneth W. Faig, Jr. (poem)
"The Last Song" by John Bredon
"And the Darkness Never Answers" by Eddy C. Bertin (poem)
"A Man of Discretion" by Richard L. Tierney
"Dumb-Show" by John Bredon (poem)
"Robert E. Howard: The Other Heroes" by Ted Pons (article)
"Badland Ballad" by John Bredon (poem)
"The Scrolls" by Richard L. Tierney (poem)
"Reborn" by John Bredon (poem)
"Catherine Duval: Modern Master of Gothic Horror" by Eddy C. Bertin (article)
"Poem to Polymnia" by Alan Gullette (poem)
"Jack the Ripper" by Richard L. Tierney (poem)
"Moubata" by Richard L. Tierney (poem)
"Extermination" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"Canons I" by John Jacob (poem)
"Canons II" by John Jacob (poem)
Editors: Eric Carlson & John J. Koblas
Contains the first appearance of "Casonetto's Last Song"
Numbered print run of 250 copies.
Subsequent issues of Etchings & Odysseys are published by The Strange Company.

       Etchings & Odysseys #1  
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