Epic Illustrated Volume 1 Number 5
Marvel Comics
Year :
April 1981
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical  (8.5 x 11)
Pages : 98
Cover art : The Brothers Hildebrandt
Illustrations : Tim Conrad, Joe Jusko, Polly Law, Jim StarlinMirko Ilić, Rick Veitch, Pepé Moreno, Charles Vess, Margaret Gallagher 
Epic Illustrated Volume 1 Number 5  
Other editions:
Dark Horse

"Almuric" by Roy Thomas and Tim Conrad
[Part 4 of 4]

Non-REH Content
"Overview" (editorial)
"Because Its There" by Ralph Macchio and Joe Jusko
"Rising of the Moon" by Bill Mantlo and Polly Law
"Freedom" by Mirko Ilić
"Bookview" by Jo Duffy (review)
"Conquest of the Banana Planet" by Rick Veitch
"Mediaview" by Dennis O'Neil (review)
"Metamorphosis Odyssey: Sunrise on Lartoprez"
by Jim Starlin

"The Brothers Hildebrandt" by Archie Goodwin (article)
"Flight Out" by Pepé Moreno
"Fairy Tales" by Mirko Ilić
"Jack Tales" by Charles Vess
"Satri" by Margaret Gallagher
"Feedback" (letters)
Graphic adaptation of Robert E. Howard's ALMURIC.