The Dark Man #5: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies
Mind's Eye HyperPublishing/
Iron Harp Publications

Year :
Winter 2001
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Booklet   (7 3/4 by 9 3/4 )
Pages : 56
Cover art : Not applicable
Illustrations : None
  The Dark Man #5: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies    
Other editions:

"Editor's Welcome" by Frank Coffman
"When Kull Rode the Range" by Fred Blosser
"All Fled, All Done" by Rusty Burke
"The Tower of the Elephant: A Modern Fable"
by Gary Romeo

"Escape from Eden: Genesis Subverted in the 'Garden of Fear'" by Charles Hoffman
"James Allison's Incarnations" by Joe Marek
"Soldiering for Fortune: Robert E. Howard's Kirby O'Donnell and 'The Treasures of Tartary'" by Dr. Gary Hoppenstand
"Dating 'Wolfshead'" by Edward Waterman
Review: "Ghor Kin-Slayer" by Fred Blosser
"The Cairn" (letters from contributors)
Introduced by Frank Coffman

"Lock Box 313" (letters from readers)
Introduced by Frank Coffman
A Previously Unpublished Drawing by REH titled "Where the East and West Shall Meet"
It was discovered and supplied by Glenn Lord, with discussion by Frank Coffman
Editor: Frank Coffman
Limited to 320 copies.
Previously published by Necronomicon Press.