The Dark Man V3N2 (#11): The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies
The Dark Man Press
Year :
April 2007
Book No. : ISSN: 1537-0496
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (perfect bound, 6 x 8 1/2 )
Pages : 116
Cover art : Designed by Scotty Henderson
Featuring covers by Norman Saunders, Frank Frazetta, & Jean-Michel Nicollet
Illustrations : None
        The Dark Man V3N2 (#11): The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies
Other editions:

"Editorial Comments" by Charles Gramlich
"The Influence of Joseph A. Altsheler's Young Trailers Series on Howard's Pictish Wilderness Fiction"
by Robert M. McIlvaine
"Review of The Black Stranger and Other American Tails" by Ian Nichols
"Mind-forg'd Manacles? Back to School with Robert E. Howard" by Steve Tompkins
"Conan the Shakespearean/ Hamlet the Barbarian"
by Jeffrey Kahan
Letters to the Editor
Editor: Mark Hall
Assistant Editor: Charles Gramlich
Assistant Editor: Jeffrey Kahan
Book Review Editor: Scotty Henderson
Book Review Editor: Morgan Holmes
The cover design is an amalgamation of mostly French NeO paperback covers, designed by Scotty Henderson.
Limited edition of 200 copies.