The Dark Man #1: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies
Necronomicon Press
Year :
August 1990
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Booklet  (7 by 8 1/2)
Pages : 40
Cover art : Bill Cavalier
Illustrations : None
    The Dark Man #1  
Other editions:

"The Frost-Giant's Daughter; An Early Draft" by REH
"Swords at the Acadamy Gates; Or, Robert E. Howard is There, Where are the Critics?" by Don Herron
"King Conan and the Aquilonian Dream"
by Steven R. Trout

"Toward Other Lands:  An Approach to Robert E. Howard" by Rusty Burke
"The Howard Complex" by Dan Stumpf
"Herbert Klatt" by Glenn Lord
"Echoes of Valor II" by Rusty Burke
"Post Oaks and Sand Roughs" by Charles Hoffmann

"Guidelines for Submissions"
Editor: Rusty Burke
Submission guidelines include Rusty Burke's list of "pure" Conan sources.