Dark Fantasy #9 
Shadow Press
Year : September 1976
Book No. : None
Format : Periodical (5.5 x 8.5, saddle stapled)
Pages : 40
Cover art : Steve Fabian
Illustrations : Tony Salmons, Roy G. Krenkel, Gene Day, Dave Mowry, Jim McLeod, Tim Hammell, Albert Decker, Greg Vander Leun
"The Road to Yesterday" (poem)
Non-REH Content
"A Pillow of Wind" by Gale Jack (poem)
"Shadows" by Wayne Hooks
"Perchance to Dream" by Gordon Derry
"Pandora's Window" by Neal Wilgus (poem)
"Armegeddon" by James Salituri (poem)
"Ganymede" by J. Patrick Sullivan (poem)
"The Dreamer" by William A. Conder (poem)
"The Tower" by David Madison
Edited by Howard E. Day
Published in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada
Volume 3 #9
"The Road to Yesterday" is illustrated by Gene Day
   Dark Fantasy #9  
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