The Dark Barbarian - The Writings of Robert E. Howard: A Critical Anthology
Greenwood Press
Year : 1984
Book No. : ISBN-10: 0313232814 
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover (no dust jacket)
Pages : 243
Cover art : Unknown
Illustrations : See notes
   The Dark Barbarian  
Other editions:

"Introduction" by Don Herron
"Howard's Fantasy" by Fritz Lieber
"Robert E. Howard: Frontiersman of Letters"
by Donald Sydney-Fryer

"Barbarian Bard: The Poetry of Robert E. Howard"
by Steve Eng

"Through Black Boughs: The Supernatural on Howard's Fiction" by Dennis Rickard
"The Western Fiction of Robert E. Howard"
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"Robert E. Howard: Hard-Boiled Heroic Fantasist"
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"Robert E. Howard: Professional Writer" by Glenn Lord
"The Dark Barbarian" by Don Herron
Appendix A: "Robert E. Howard's Library"
Appendix B: "Howard's Suicide"
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Notes on the Contributors

Edited by Don Herron
12 page section with black & white photos, cover reproductions, letter reproductions, and a holograph from Howard's high school paper.