Coven 13 Volume 1 Number 4
Camelot Publishing Company
Year :
March 1970
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st 
Format : Digest  
Pages : 146
Cover art : William Stout
Illustrations : William Stout
       Coven 13 Volume 1 Number 4     
Other editions:  None

"Feach Air Muir Lionadhi Gealach Buidhe Mar Or"

Non-REH Content
"Editor's Cauldron" by Arthur H. Landis (Editorial)
"Let There Be Magick" Part 4 by James R. Keaveny
"The Bidderfrost Dragon" by Buddy Saunders
"I, Vampire" by Prozini/Wallman
"Bell, Book, and Tarot" by Jean Cirrito (Column)
"The Convert" by S. M. Clawson
"The Thing on the Stairs" by Lee Chater
"Eats" by Sidney Harriet
"The Eyrie" Reader's Column
Editor: Arthur H. Landis
After this issue, Coven 13 was bought by the
Fantasy Publishing
Company and the name was changed to Witchcraft & Sorcery.