Coven 13 Volume 1 Number 3
Camelot Publishing Company
Year :
January 1970
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st 
Format : Digest  
Pages : 146
Cover art : William Stout
Illustrations : William Stout
Coven 13 Volume 1 Number 3           
Other editions:  None

"The Little People"
Non-REH Content
"Editor's Cauldron" by Arthur H. Landis (Editorial)
"Let There Be Magick" Part 3 by James R. Keaveny
"Leona" by Alan Caillou
"Song of the Undead" by Wade Wellman (poem)
"Nightmare" by Wade Wellman (poem)
"Bell, Book, and Tarot" by Jean Cirrito (Column)
"The Strawhouse Pavillion" by Ron Goulart
"Witch Fish" by Dennis Quinn
"Last Rites" by Pauline Smith
"Don't Open Til Xmas!" by James Benton Carr
"The Eyrie" Reader's Column
"The Turn of the Screw" by Arthur Jean Cox (Column)
Editor: Arthur H. Landis
The contents page says that this issue is Volume 1 Number 2, when it is actually Volume 1 Number 3.
A page was missing from the original manuscript of "The Little People."
Someone at COVEN 13, likely Gerald W. Page or Arthur H. Landis, made up some stuff to fill the gap and never said anything. This became the published version of "The Little People" ever since.
The Wandering Star book, BRAN MAK MORN, THE LAST KING, took the edits back out and also includes a copy of the original typescript.