The Conan Reader 
Mirage Press
Year : 1968
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket (5 x 8)
Pages : 148
Cover art : Bernie Wrightson
Illustrations : Roy Krenkel
 The Conan Reader    
Other editions:

"Conan’s Ghost"
"Memories of R.E.H."
"The Trail of Tranicos"
"Hyborian Technology"
"Conan and Matho"
"Conan and Pizarro"
"Conan’s Great-Grandfather"
"Conan’s Imitators"
"Pratt’s Parallel Worlds"
"Knights and Knaves in Neustria"
"El-Ron and the City of Brass"
"An Exegesis of Howard’s Hyborian Tales"
Limited to 1500 numbered copies
A collection of essays by L. Sprague de Camp originally published as articles in George H. Scithers' fanzine Amra.
The Voyager Series V-101