The Conan Grimoire 
Mirage Press
Year : 1972 (First printing)
1974 (Second printing)

Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : 261
Cover art : Bernie Wrightson
Illustrations : Bernie Wrightson
The Conan Grimoire
The Conan Grimoire

Other editions:

To Clark Ashton Smith, pm, July 22, 1933,
"I can hardly find words to express . . ."

To Clark Ashton Smith, ca. October 1933,
"Thanks very much for the kind things . . ."

To Clark Ashton Smith, pm, December 14, 1933,
"Only the fact that I have been sick . . .
To Clark Ashton Smith, ca. January 1934,
"Thanks again for the drawing of the wizard."
To Clark Ashton Smith, ca. March 1934,
"I am sorry to hear you have been indisposed . . ."
To Clark Ashton Smith, July 23, 1935,
"I’m ashamed of my long delay in answering . . ."
"Something About Eve"
Untitled Fragment "The wind from the . . ."
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First printing limited to 1500 numbered copies had a dust wrapper inked in gray.
A second printing limited to 256 copies and with a dust wrapper inked in blue was produced in 1974.
Edited by L. Sprague de Camp and George H. Scithers
The Voyager Series V-106