The Complete Action Stories
Wildside Press
Year : November 2003  (Hardcover)
Year :
January 2005 (Trade paperback)
Book No. :
0809533421 (Hardcover)
Book No. : 0809511258 (Trade paperback)
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dustjacket
Trade paperback

Pages : 344
Cover art : Unknown
Illustrations : Contains the original artwork that was published with the original pulps.
The Complete Action Stories  
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"Introduction" by Paul Herman
"The TNT Punch"
"The Sign of the Snake"
"Blow the Chinks Down!"
"Breed of Battle"
"Dark Shanghai"
"Mountain Man"
"Guns of the Mountains"
"The Scalp Hunter"
"A Gent from Bear Creek"
"The Road to Bear Creek"
"The Haunted Mountain"
"War on Bear Creek"
"The Feud Buster"
"Cupid from Bear Creek"
"The Riot at Cougar Paw"
"The Apache Mountain War"
"Pilgrims to the Pecos"
"Pistol Politics"
"Evil Deeds at Red Cougar"
"High Horse Rampage"
"No Cowherders Wanted"
"The Conquerin' Hero of the Humbolts"
"Sharp's Gun Serenade"
Introduction and edited by Paul Herman